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November 13, 2008
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You won’t see me before prom, will you Bubba?
Or graduation, my wedding,
It isn’t fair.
I cry, hoping just maybe if I’m sad enough,
You’ll come back somehow.
I Remember, you never liked to see me sad.
I miss you, Bubba it’s like you’re just on vacation.
You’ll be back soon … Won’t you?
A girl shouldn’t have grow up
Without her father.
It is heartbreaking to have to realize your
Encouraging spirit has left this world.
Heaven doesn’t need you like I do.
It’s never going to be the same,
When I make huge accomplishments,
Then I remember you won’t be able to congratulate me.
I miss you so much, Bubba.
More and more every day.
You have left a big empty space,
Inside my heart.

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