Too Much

November 13, 2008
By Maria Murga, Woodbridge, VA

Hold tightly to my hand
Feel the coldness
Look at my eyes
See the blankness

Muffles of words
I whisper out
All you were supposed to know
Without a doubt

I can feel your hand on mine
Wishing I could hold you closer
Yet you are not mine
Never will be, as I grow colder

Let me into your mind
Tell me what your thinking
Am I really one you love,
Or is what we have sinking?

Was I good enough for you?
Do you need more?
Want me to break my chest open,
Destroy the core?

I can, I will
But it is all pointless
Nothing will change, still
Only leaving one big mess

Now I apologize
For all these words I make
All for you, it seems
I'm sorry, it is too late

Am I meant to be
Lost forever
Losing all breath
Living, not ever?

I've lost all hope
For what I yearn
The pain is too much
I cry, it burns

Now as you hold my hand tight
Can you smile one more time,
Tell me I was good enough,
And worth more than a dime?

I think that's all I can have
Thank you, oh so much
Let me soar away now
To the end and such

It was all too much

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