Tap, Tap

November 13, 2008
Tap, Tap
Again it goes
The sound I dread
That wrecked noise

Tap, Tap
I dare not go near
Yells and screams
All I hear

Tap, Tap
I sit so still
I don't look back
I hold my will

Tap, Tap
It calls again
I shall just wait
For it to ascend

Tap, Tap
Louder then
Pulling towards me
Oh, how it offends

Tap, Tap
On my shoulder now
Wrapping around my neck
Oh, why and how

Tap, Tap
Then it disappears
Leaving me breathless
Filled with fears

Tap, Tap
It will come another day
To haunt me again
Without a say

Tap, Tap
Can you feel it too?
I bear the fact
That it's after you

Tap, Tap

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