Shot Me Down

November 13, 2008
By Maria Murga, Woodbridge, VA

Went the birds
As they stopped their wings
Not speak their words

It grows eerie
As if time
Had stopped itself
Not even a chime

Yet the wind blew
Creating such chill
As you smirked
Oh, you had such thrill

Drip, Drop
Went the red ooze
Drip, Drop
It's a shame to lose

It grew quieter, still
Not one made a sound
Still accepting the fact
That you had shot me down

Then the birds started to fly
Fly so far away
Not a song had echoed
There was not much to say

The trees began to sway
Continuing their dance
As I wondered
If you'd ever give a chance

Such a sweet taste
Blood bore
Reaching my lips
Shot right at the core

Bang, Bang
You shoot again
All the bullets run
Those that you send

Drip, Drop
Again to the ground
Still thinking of what had happened
How you had shot me down

I feel a kiss
Meet my bloody lips
As you run my hair
With your fingertips

Then you laugh
Oh, how you smile
How my heart flutters
It's been a while

I grow numb
Feeling so cold
I keep my eyes open
To see you, how bold

Again you shoot
This time right on spot
Where it hurt the most
Forget me not

Now I hear nothing
No sound
I cannot think anymore
You shot me down

I try to smile
But I cannot
I apologize
That's all I've got

I fall
My knees don't hurt anymore
I feel my heart bleed out
It doesn't hurt anymore

Then time starts again
The leaves start to fall
It's a beautiful day
All in all

The birds fly again
How wonderful they sing
Oh so free
As they spread their wings

I smile, even in death
I lay on the ground
As you walk away
You shot me down

My Baby Shot Me Down

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