November 13, 2008
By Maria Murga, Woodbridge, VA

The tight gripping
Of your hands around my wrists
Burn my skin away
As my body screams and twists

The way you look at me
Or even utter a word
Seems to break my soul
Crashing my world

I can't give anymore
Stop killing me
I'm so sorry already
Set me free

So I ran my hands
On the walls
Of this prison of sorts
Listening to the screams and calls

I bite my lips
To numb the pain
Close my eyes
To stop from going insane

Unable to believe
You ever loved me
Echoes in my head
I was too much of a fool, you see

I stand up
Again, you push me down
All I have to hold is myself
Shaking on this cold, wet ground

You cannot keep your promises
So I shut my mouth
Too embarrassed to say
"I believed you," or shout

My heart corrupt
Unable to feel the lightness
Of the thing we call love
I am an awful mess

So attack me
Whispering words of hate
Holding on to both my wrists
Until we both reach our fate

Before you know it
Your wish may come true
I will run and disappear
All that'll be left is you

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