The tight gripping
Of your hands around my wrists
Burn my skin away
As my body screams and twists

The way you look at me
Or even utter a word
Seems to break my soul
Crashing my world

I can't give anymore
Stop killing me
I'm so sorry already
Set me free

So I ran my hands
On the walls
Of this prison of sorts
Listening to the screams and calls

I bite my lips
To numb the pain
Close my eyes
To stop from going insane

Unable to believe
You ever loved me
Echoes in my head
I was too much of a fool, you see

I stand up
Again, you push me down
All I have to hold is myself
Shaking on this cold, wet ground

You cannot keep your promises
So I shut my mouth
Too embarrassed to say
"I believed you," or shout

My heart corrupt
Unable to feel the lightness
Of the thing we call love
I am an awful mess

So attack me
Whispering words of hate
Holding on to both my wrists
Until we both reach our fate

Before you know it
Your wish may come true
I will run and disappear
All that'll be left is you

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