I Don't Care

November 13, 2008
By Maria Murga, Woodbridge, VA

You look into my eyes
What can you see?
Can you see rage, anger,
Or maybe just me?

Leaning down in this abyss
I say to you
I have to stop my begging
I don't see what I can do

I beat myself up
Just because I love
This is not what I should feel
He said so there above

I don't care anymore
If we live or die
If I ever meet your standards
If I ever stop my cry

I don't know what to say
But I've had enough
It hurts a bit too much
It's kinda too tough

There's so many signs
I'm not supposed to do this
Though I just want to be happy
Such an unreachable wish

I cannot have you
So go, leave me alone
You hurt me everyday
This situation, I need to own

Don't make me go back
To square one
I want to finish this
Let it be over and done

Because I'm going nowhere
Pain all over again
I think I'm quite stupid, actually
I didn't ask for a hand

I'm quite insane now
Too much, I guess
I didn't wanna be this way
Now I just want some rest

So leave and be happy
I'll try to make myself dare
To never look at you again
I don't care

I don't care

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