November 13, 2008
Run my hands
Through the leaves
Those that have died
They couldn't achieve

Let my legs
Curl up with me
Close my eyes
So I won't see

Breath in air
So I can live
Do not speak
Do not decieve

Breaking me
It seems to do
There's one problem though
This was something I knew

I feel the feathers
Spread around me
They are of the wings
Those of what made me free

I can hear the sounds
Of laughter and smiles
It feels so close, I can touch it
Yet so far, so many miles

I curl my fingers
I won't open my eyes
I don't want to cry
Being open to these lies

I will protect myself
Hope to stop this ache
I feel it grow worse
Yet my soul it won't shake

Night blankets me
Turning all blind
I feel the demons now
Take over my mind

Throwing me in circles
To live or to die
Telling me what to do
I let out a sigh

I'm not strong enough
They pull me down
When I try to stand
Pull me to the ground

I reach my hand open
Someone hold on
Reach for me now
Before it breaks dawn

They're already too much
The demons, it seems
They conquer my being
My life and my dreams

Silence fills me
Everyone passes by
Not noticing me
Hear out my cry

So gone I go
Alone, again
The demons take me
To the abyss they send

So I'm stuck in square one
Crying my tears
Curling up again
In my pitiful fears

Until someone holds out
Their hand to me
Will it ever happen,
Or is this meant to be?

Oh, don't be so cruel to me
All I want is love, you see
So let me
Let me be

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