Everything and Anything

November 13, 2008
By Maria Murga, Woodbridge, VA

Wake up,
Breath again,
Stay Alive,
Through all they send

Brush your fingers,
Through everything,
Laugh and smile,
Forget everything

Lay down again,
Do not leave this time,
Breath in and out,
Everything will be fine

Look up at the sky,
Count the stars above,
Let all the tears race down,
Know how much you're loved

Curl your lips,
To a bittersweet smile,
It'll all take time,
Maybe even a little while

Gather yourself,
Calm your heart,
It's not always about him,
About your life, your art

Fly up to the clouds,
You're absolutely free,
Never will you get what you wish,
Yet it's meant to be

So just wash off all your tears,
Stand up straight,
You will find your love,
Just a little wait

When you do,
Promise me, please
You'll love and smile,
Live with such ease

Give me your hand,
How soft you are,
Those tear-stricken eyes,
I will never be far

Let me fade away now,
Wish you goodbye,
I'll love you forever,
That is no lie

Yet could you promise me,
one little thing?

Live forever, my love
Conquer and live through everything

That way, I could give you anything

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