All of It

November 13, 2008
By Maria Murga, Woodbridge, VA

I can taste the pain
That lingers upon me
I can smell the blood
Bleeding, can't you see?

I can see myself
Falling, falling
I can hear no sound
No calling, no calling

I'm losing myself
I can't grasp it all
Dying away, it seems
Waiting for the wrecked fall

Can you do something for me?
Say with all your might
Look me in the eye
That everything will be alright

Sooth my mind
For insanity takes its hold
My heart is breaking
My words grow cold

Everyone around me
Grasping me tighter
My choking, still waiting
For your save, you liar

Will someone reach out,
Before it's too late?
Or will I fall down,
Contained with such hate?

If only someone would listen
To the love and care I surrender
Then would anyone give back?
Love me or nurture?

Hold me down
Before I snap
Wipe my tears
My happiness, a gap

My heart is racing
My mind is on high
My voice is screaming
"Why, why, why!?"

I feel myself lose
My hearts starts to stop
I make my final fall
I may never get up

Is this all?

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