November 13, 2008
By Maria Murga, Woodbridge, VA

Soundly Sleeping
I disturb you again
Crying and screaming
Troubles all I send

Holding by
Your shirt sleeve
You sigh, saying goodbye
I couldn't believe your leave

So I cried
Again, what poor soul
Thinking that you lied
Make me feel whole

I proclaimed my love
Calling you perfect
Sent from above
I was the wreck

I apologize
Again, but this time
I will not spread lies
That annoyingly ring like a chime

I apologize
For causing you grief
Fighting this battle
I proclaim defeat

I want you happy
That's all, you see
This is all I can be
I am me

I'll be here for you
Through tears and sins
Comfort you, hold you
Though I will never win

I love you
Those, oh, so simple words
What I did for it, I knew
Was quite absurd

So as I hold you tight
I shall no longer weep
But pray you goodnight
Let you sleep

My heart I shall keep

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