November 13, 2008
By Michael Stark, Carmel, IN

To be or not to be, that isn’t the question
That’s why we don’t hear one word of the lesson
You straighten, you’ve spoken, you’ve given us boundaries
We’ll be the weapon to protect our memories

My city, my heart, was easy at the start
But with one strong shake things can fall apart
Let us be free, let us learn from ourselves
Rather than drown in books that should be kept on shelves

Invention, with tension, you’ve blocked off all our dreams
We’ll be the creator of our memories

To be or not be can even be more common
Because after all we’re only human
It’s been fed, it’s been dead, but still gets in our head
We only know what we want when we’re dreaming in bed

So don’t fight, don’t tear, and don’t shove it in our ear
Because not everyone wants to be a Shakespeare

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