Behind Closed Doors

November 15, 2008
Walking outside
Opens my mind
I try to shake off the pain,
Because I have something to hide
You have never seen the other part of my life
Because I put it away
You think my world is perfect
And that I always have sunny days
But you really don’t know what I go through
Because I smile, like I have nothing to loose.
But you should know
That behind that smile, there is a frowning pain
And behind those big bright eyes
There is darkness
I feel like I have a double personality
As I never let my mouth spill out the reality
I put up a brick wall
Because I would never want you to walk through it
For it doesn’t matter, because I’m not worth your time
Because I am lying, I really don’t shine
When I act a little funny at times
You get suspicious, but I assure you
It’s none of your business
And when you assume things,
When you see pieces of the emotional bruises
I get really ticked,
And I’m tired of making excuses
And as I lie here on the cold floor
I want to let you know
That you never know what happens
Behind closed doors

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