November 17, 2008
By Nicole Jackson, Mason, OH

Water dripping from the right hand mirror
Streaming down the tires
Flowing through the glistening paint
Falling off the bottom of the metal door
To a blade of grass
Finding its way to the earth’s dirt
Leaving a wet trail behind

White clouds of foam inching down
Water, fabric, and metal thrown against one another

Letting the watery rag suds up the paint
Seeing a faint shadow shimmer
Against bright sea green paint
Taking the hose and rising the dirt
From over the months
Having the water flow down the sides
Meeting the ground

Shadows landing among the yard
Soaked up every drop in the hot summer sun

As a snail off to the distance
With its slow pace which grew
And with every inch taken
As the goal was growing closer
Prize at sight with every sluggish tug
In the end of the long wait
The months of work were all worth the pain

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