Five Fathoms Deep

November 17, 2008
By Ed Millar, Clifton, NJ

Five fathoms deep,
I find myself anchored,
By a voice so serene,
So delicate, and soft.
Buried beneath this,
Five fathoms deep,
Her melody glides through,
And carries aloft.
Five fathoms deep,
My voice can’t be heard,
Ocean waves stifling,
Life’s solemn plea.
Still her song whispers,
Five fathoms deep,
A watery tomb,
And death none shall see.
Five fathoms deep,
I’d struggle for life,
And the image of my love,
Engraved till I die.
Painting a portrait,
Five fathoms deep,
I’d tear through this canvas,
For one final goodbye.
Five fathoms deep,
The melody roars louder,
And water closes in,
On a prize of breath.
In absence of glory,
Five fathoms deep,
It is here fate called me,
It is here I greet death.

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