don’t leave me here

November 17, 2008
By harley blake, Collier, WV

Ive been waiting for some one like you for all mii life… all those lil times we had and all the things you do and the way you say mii name… all shows your love is true ... I could never let u go… ur mii world and more… plz don’t leave me like its nothing… tell me you will stay… without u Im become drained of all mii life… ill fix your heart… and take it as mine… if you will let me…? Waiting for your answer offering mii all…u softly make me love you more… the way u look into mii eyes… the way we always seem to kno just what each other will say… if you can ever look me in the eyes and truly throw our love away is when u can see me crushed by u taking off mii ring and watching the tears run down mii eyes… and not care… is the day you can say u love me no more… until that day… “don’t leave me here to die alone…”

The author's comments:
mii name is harley i love to write na nothing will ever take that away i wrote this poem for a guy m=named tyler i wrote it after we broke up i was with him for a year the thing is he never took mii ring off and he came back to me told me he was still in love with me and now were back together i wrote this that day me and him broke up i love him so much

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