Goodbye My Friend

November 17, 2008
By Rebekah Poston, Tallahassee, FL

If we had only seen it coming
We would have prevented it
If we could have seen the pain
We would have been there to hold your hand
If we knew you felt the way you did
We would have gone to the ends of the earth to change your mind
If we had the ability
We would bring you back
But this time, things would be different
We would always be there to hold your hand
We would never take you for granted
We wouldn’t overlook your smile in the hallways
We would cherish every minute we spent with you
But now you’re in Heaven above
Looking down upon us
With that smile I will always remember
From now on, you will feel no more pain
There will be no more heart aches to bare
Yet down here we all remain
Never ending tears fill our eyes
Every memory we ever had
Now as vivid as yesterday
Just the other day
I heard someone say, “He’s gone”
But I prefer to say, “He’s moved to a better place”
For one day we will see you again
With that smile upon your face
In the presence of the Lord and all his grace

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