Dream of a Fireball

November 16, 2008
By Jamie Kosberg, Oak Park, CA

It’s a machine that drills right through you
a wave of fury that occurs to you at one moment
something just isn’t right
the world is unbalanced in your mind and you can’t control it

Someone has invaded your universe
and interrupted your existence
a lie here, a deception there, a heartbreak in the mist
causes you to explode, inside and out
a rainbow of rage floats around in the air
lingering, waiting for a particle to disrupt it
and send it flying off into an area of a pinnacle cusp

It takes power, resistance, to not act on your opinions
to not show mankind how much you despise them
and how much you want to give them venom with your poisonous bite
the right to believe what is wrong, is your essence,
but it might not always be virtuous

When you ultimately decide on the correct ethic,
actions speak louder than words
be protective of your thoughts
you never know who is bursting in on everything you know
be meticulous with your body language
“an eye for an eye makes people blind”
realize that what you acquire has an aftermath
one to surely treat you abominably,
if you make the wrong judgment

A risk puts you in a position that you dug yourself into
People turn on you, move themselves away from everything they know about you
a loneliness occurs in front of you,
that you never believed would show up at your front door
you gaze back at the past,
examining how you reacted,
nothing could’ve prevented you from showing that feeling
you can’t help but want to believe in only yourself

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