November 16, 2008
By Emily Hwang, Cerritos, CA

Every day, we mortals roam this worldly hell

Searching, ever searching for the key to this jail cell

This prison of frustration, of loneliness, of pain

We are slaves to our desires, slaves who are insane

Some fool themselves to think they have found the sacred key

We drown ourselves in evil thoughts, control, and vanity

The world is dark, emotions are cold, the light of the sun is dim

And then one day, we think to look…up…up…to him

God asks to take control, yet we fight and fight with passion

He takes it all and still he waits, his heart filled with compassion

We turn away, we close his Book, we ignore his every call

But when we are trembling out in the cold, he is our scarf, our shawl

We ask day by day, “Why Lord? Why do you care for us so?”

“How could you murder your beautiful son when all of our sins you know?”

The Great Abba Father, the Spirit, the One, reminds us and gives a kind smile

“Although you don’t know, this is love, my dear children, and it makes all my pain quite worthwhile.”

The author's comments:
My life is complicated. I've been through a lot more than a fourteen year old should have to go through. The one constant throughout my life, however, has been my faith in my Savior and his plan for me. It allows me to continue on this journey called life when everything seems to be going wrong.

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