Reasoned Love

November 15, 2008
By Jenny Huang, Monterey Park, CA

Behind these walls of reason love is bound
By iron bars that soothe thy sanity,
Hark! The cage unto which thou dwellest resounds
A note so crisp in this heart echoes free.
Venture not ‘yond gates of thy security,
To streams of lust that pass with time.
For logicless love cannot erase poverty,
Cannot elude death’s luresome chime,
And dare not quell the roaring of the sea.
To be pawns of love, swindled by fervent fire,
‘Tis but folly, a game of foolish desire.
Let not darkness swallow love’s light melody,
For reason to love, reason to pain,
With those my love for thou shan’t wane.

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