March 25, 2014
By Runner GOLD, Amherst, Massachusetts
Runner GOLD, Amherst, Massachusetts
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The blizzard out my window
Mirrors what is inside
A snowfall of ideas
With no place to reside

What should I say?
What should I do?
To show I have no clue,
How to live without you

These rhymes are too easy
The ideas too cliché
To invoke the sorrow
Put it on display

Just writing a love poem,
Is too much like a movie
My grief is mocked,
By images on my TV

This is me. This is unique.
It will never happen again
Never will this world
Witness the same man

The blizzard in my head
Mirrors what is outside
A flurry of emotions
Blanketed miles wide

Rage, love and confusion,
Pave the streets white
My eyes must be failing,
It looks dark as night

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock,
Time is unraveling
I sit here alone
I should be traveling

I need to go home,
Be with my family
But this is real life,
Not a fantasy

Life has no rhyme scheme.
No romantic conclusion
With a last poignant gasp,
While you clutch their cold hands,

It just ends.

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