Sunset Scars

November 12, 2008
Stainless steel, breaks the surface and blissfully drinks the red.
Puts a smile on her face for the first time today, contradicts itself, with the tears.
Eyes flicked shut, biting lip, streaming blood, pouring tears.
Heart, faintly pounding. Breath, reeks of Casta Anejo tequila.
She's all alone talks to herself and the empty room.
Sunsets, sunrises, and sunsets.
Dark again, no one home.
Still drinking.
All feelings subside and she just wishes she would die.
She would take her own life, but that's selfish.
She prays to God to be taken, heaven or hell.
No one answers. She's still here.
No one one answers, 'cause no one's there.
Tears again. Sunrise.
She always gave it all, but it wasn't ever enough for them.
They pound it in to her head that she isn't good enough.
Who are they to judge?
This isn't right. she thinks. I'm not right for this place.
Stainless steel, breaks surface, and blissfully drinks red.
Nothing left inside. Safe and guarded. Nothing left for anyone to hurt.
This is the end of the road. She's alive. But she's dead.
She's been in this place for too long.
She loves arizona. She doesnt want to leave.
But she's been HERE too long.
The same place she's been since she was twelve.
Brooding. Disheartened. Less than loved. and tired.
She expects nothing more.

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kianapearl said...
Nov. 16, 2008 at 2:15 am
i like your poem a lot... keep writing!
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