Eyes Open

November 12, 2008
Eyes Open
I’m sitting with all the others
All the others just like me
I’m wondering just who we all are
And who I’m s’posed to be
We’re all in neat rows and columns
But no one knows quite why
We’re looking up but nothing’s there
They’ve blotted out the sky
I get the feeling it’s not quite right
But I find I just dont care
A gray machine is what I am
A listless, lifeless stare
I understand that I’m like them
But what do they feel inside are they as cold, fell as empty
As unable to decide?
Has it always been like this
I’m sure there is no way
But then why can’t my memory
Recall a single day?
Are we truly but machines
Made to serve and listen
Oh well-it doesn’t matter
The men in suits have come in
They’ll administer my shots
In fact it’s happening right now
Time for sweet release from all this hard work
It’s so great how…
Eyes Close

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Coopercut said...
Nov. 17, 2008 at 9:28 pm
Great idea, The ryhming got a bit lost while reading but I love the idea and great thought. Love the edigness and feeling. Amazing work. Continue writing.
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