what we want?

November 12, 2008
By Lindsay Strickler, Bel Air, MD

we may not know what's going on
or where this road will take us
as human s we sometimes don't
follow our instincts and
lead with our head in the clouds

being ignorant to the fact
that things change and
it happens for a reason
but what is that reason. . .

that reason that things fall apart
people drift away
and some come close, but don' t stay. . .

what is this emotion we call happiness
is it just an idea we created
is happiness man made and fake

no. that's impossible
we just have learned to enhance it
turn up the intense meter
and make it into something its not

we replace our sadness
with this man made happiness
and before we can run away
its all we know.

is that what we want?

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