Open Letter To a Friend #2

November 12, 2008
Dear friend,

It has been eight months since I have written you,
And the sky has also changed its hue.
No longer is my room lit by candle light,
Now I drown in sorrow through the night.

In these eight months, I haven’t seen your face,
As though from my life you were erased.
Perhaps we were not meant to be
Friends for all eternity.

I say it all with a heavy heart,
But for some time we have been apart.
What friend is this who does not see
Another needs you to be free?

Please, my friend, don’t you be blue.
It’s now that I say my last Adieu,
Adieu my friend, you’ll hear from me no more
But should you need me, I’m still where I was before.

Although it’s over, as I have said,
Don’t cry at night when you go to bed,
I’m still there for you if you should fall,
All you have to do is make the call.

Goodbye, goodbye my little bird,
Fly away, go join your herd,
And like the poets of stories told,
I’ll spend my nights alone and cold.

Last words are always hard to write,
One needs to do it, and get it right.
With best wishes to you, my friends,
I sign this letter, and so it ends.

With Love,

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