Trails, Tales, and Trials

November 12, 2008
By Tyler Nemmers, Dubuque, IA

I think of you as the present becomes the past
The future seems to have already flown by
The has been is all I can look forward to now
The long gone cries of laughter
The distant piles of emotion
Are all I have to live by
Moments long forgotten are the current pictures displayed in my head
A figure,
Glimpses caught by my eyes only when shut

Night by night
Dream by dream
Wish by wish
I anxiously wait the dawn when picture becomes reality
When feelings of want and desire start to influence the actual world
Instead of only the figurative domain of my outer most thoughts

This daybreak when all puzzles realign
Would be the beginning of a new book
A sequel story to the apparently failed first trial
To ignite a stretched out series
Where the past is behind us, but always remembered
The present is ticking by, but taken to its fullest
And when you look ahead you see the future
Holding close to its breast
The gifts of balance, truth, hope, and compassion

A short gap between our paths is all that restrains us
Mere fractions from one another
A length so hardly great in statcher
A few paces away from your journey is all that would be required
A trip traveled by all at one point
And if a bridge is your support
Against the evil society that gives you presents of lies and hate
Then stray not, but shout a something
A sentence
A word
Is all that’s asked for
Anything to let known to another path to continue on
That you have followed your marked trail
To joy and happieness

But if you’ve discovered your destination
And are less then pleased
Know that the roads less lead are still open
Know that the path once listened has not forgotten you
Know the being on this adventure has been patient
Waiting for the time when he would cross the threshold of his own journey
And forge a new trail
To an untold end
With the voice he heard ring in his ear
What seemed to him only seconds earlier
Till natural geography viciously pulls them apart
A demise, you should know, he desires not

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