The Meaning Stayed the Same

November 12, 2008
The Meaning Stayed the Same
Colin Mark

Why didn’t you tell me you knew the way to Heaven?
Maybe then I would have listened
But now I’m stuck here in Hell

Down here they call me MelanColi
My name is Colin so they changed the spelling
But the meaning stayed the same

So welcome to Hell
We hope you have one hell of a time
Yes we hear you laughing
All happy and gay
But not in the new way…

Oh why can’t we go back
To before that meaning changed?
To a time where the small ones ruled
And the cruel ones were shoved in the lockers
‘Cause they fit

And the nerds were on top
The scholarly omnipotent
And the fools bowed
Because they didn’t know
What omnipotent meant
I wish we could

But that time is gone
And so is that desire
The meaning of life may stay the same
But what we get out of it is ready to fluctuate
So while the time has gone
Its meaning stayed the same
Suspended somewhere in our memory

Talking like that earned me the name MelanColi
A sadness I didn’t know
Had controlled me
I’d lost my meaning
But I was in denial
MelanColi indeed

I find myself chasing you
But you lead the way
You take me up
You take me down
But mostly you just take me forward…
In time

I never do catch you
And I never will
Even when I had meaning
I couldn’t catch you
Now I close my eyes and see you
I reach out but you’ve already gone

What do you think they whisper to each other
When they see me there, grabbing at thin air
Sobbing tearlessly?
But of course they call me MelanColi.
At least as far as my new name is concerned,
The meaning stayed the same

What’s the point?
What’s the meaning?
Surely it never changed
But does that mean it’s still there?
With a name like MelanColi,
How can it still be…
All I can do is remember what there was

Again I find myself chasing after you
I remember this well
Now I see that you’ve betrayed me
I tried to step in
But God forbade me
And never forgave me

Isn’t that right?
A metaphor, yes
But the meaning stayed the same
MelanColi is banished to his thoughts
Does it change the meaning
If I’m still alive?

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