My Little Doll

November 12, 2008
By Julia Hernandez, Atlantic Beach, FL

The little girl did nothing.
Sitting; crying...gasping for air.
Trying to grasp the concept of why.
She was thrown down the stairs; out of harm's way.
The propellers of the fan; the little GI Joes.
The Barney doll and the ballet shoes
were all familiar to her.
Yet; they were so out of reach.
So far...
So far...
The blood seems to flow endlessly
from her eyes.
Mixing her tears
her sweat
her saliva
into one gooey paste that she used to put her hair back into place.
Spinning room; getting smaller.
Getting less and less real.
A rainbow explosion, an eruption of glitter.
Vomit spews uncontrollably from her mouth.
Acid eats, tears, and mangles her flesh.
My perfect doll...shatters.

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