The Lost Time

November 12, 2008
I feel so much,
So much pain and regret,
So much waste of time
And so much of a fret
I think of the days I spent,
The time I spent,
The sorrow I've gone through,
All to get over the pain of you

If only I could get over these feelings
And just be a friend,
But that all depends,
On you and your feelings
The frustration that lies,
Lies through my bones,
And my inner soul,
That lives within you,
But will not come out
The desperate attempts to get through,
To get through to you,
And your inner thoughts

But you see,
The inner thoughts and feelings
That lie within you but,
Won't seep through
The exterior walls
Onto the outside world
Just let me know,
Your true feelings,
You can tell me
I'm not afraid,
I just can't lose you
From my life,
And the love that I feel for you
Hurts me so deeply.

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Midknightrider said...
Aug. 2, 2009 at 10:05 pm
WOW. That was really good.... 5 stars
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