Days Gone By

November 12, 2008
Squeals echoed throughout the neighborhood.
Running along the side of the house was a girl.
Seh was young, her hair curled with blone, crystal blue yes, and those dimples in her cheeks,
Whose only fear was her mom
Finding her Crayola artwork on her bedroom wall.

Chasing after her, not far behind
Was a boy,
Bigger and stronger,
And whose only fear was the bee that stung him last week.
He was only trying to kiss her,
He had to, he was tirple-doggy-dared.

This same boy was outside of her bedroom window,
Pebbles from her garden weighing in his pockets.
One after another they left his hand
Each one begging to apologize.
With the tap of each rock

Came a memory.
Of the yelling, the tears,
Or the lies seh repeated to him over and over,
When she said she didn't love him.

A mascara tear streamed down her cheek.
But this time it was a tear of joy
The white dress, her father by her side,
The man at the altar she saw through her veil
Was the man she vowed to love,
Years longer than eternity.

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