Tommorow's Eve

November 12, 2008
If I were to die on tomorrow’s eve
Would you cry? Or would you leave
Me to spend my last day alone and cold.
Help me pray, let me take hold,
Of your hand one last time.
Cry with me; write down this rhyme
About this love, made never more
By that sick pretentious whore.
The one you left me for last tear.
You will never see that tear.
You are not worthy of my feeling
As I stare at the ceiling.
No reason for you to stay
You only wish for me to say
I forgive you love.
You're from Above.
Death percepts reality.
All that you will see,
Is me saying you are $%**.
Me saying have another hit
Of that Saving Grace.
Don’t turn your face
Away from me as i start to fall.
I want you to recall
The point at which you shattered
All my dreams, now badly tattered.
As I die on tomorrow's eve
I want you to leave.
There is no reason for you to care
You've stripped me down, my feelings bare.
Do not ask me to forgive
As my life runs through a sieve.
Do not pretend that I forgot what you did.
Do not make me seem like a kid.
I am a woman, Strong and Proud.
Announce this message to the crowd:
I died with peace, all tasks completed.
You're longing for regression was defeated
By my will and stronger skin
I did not wash you of your sin.

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