November 12, 2008
Patiently it waits.
Hidden from the light.
It always wins, because where there is light,
There is darkness.

Darkness is a creator.
Darkness is the soil that hides the seeds.
It is the cloud that waters the seeds,
The nutrients that sustains the seeds.

Darkness is a destroyer.
It plants distrust among friends,
It places doubt among relationships,
It twists the truth into lies.

Darkness is powerful.
It ends happiness,
It can pull down kings,
And end lives without thought.

Darkness is omnipresent.
It hides beneath the soles of your feet,
It lurks under the bed you sleep in,
It skulks within your heart, waiting.

Darkness is nonexistent.
It is only the absence of light,
But if does not exist,
It cannot be stopped.

Darkness is potent.
It is unstoppable,
But it has a single weakness.
A lone light can stop it.

Love is more than a light.
Love can change the darkness to light.
Darkness is powerful,
But love will always defeat the darkness.

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