November 12, 2008
By Breanna Feathers, Santee, CA

Life is like a rollercoaster

It'll lead you through whips and turns,

The bruises will always heal from it,

But you'll always feel the burns.

It's hard to make me forget,

She was my best friend,

I'll always remember the promise we made,

To be there until the end.

So now I have to go to school,

And pretend that I do not care.

I'll act like I do not notice,

That everyday she stares.

I know that it'll be ok,

I'm able to say goodbye,

I swear I will not live like her,

Depressed until I die.

It'll get better everyday,

I know that I am strong,

I just made a few mistakes,

But I do know right from wrong.

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