November 12, 2008
Lost in time,
I always felt fine.
Out of the way,
I was allowed to live another day.
Free from your insult,
Free from your crime.
Nothing negative would penetrate my mind,
I was lost in Time.
Lost and alone,
I heard all your warning.
I heard all your screams,
Still I don’t regret that day.
I listened to my heart,
The day that I choose our depart.
The fighting every night,
The screaming that lead to uncontrollable fright.
No longer,
No more.
I will refuse with all my might,
Its time I find who I am.
Its time I become me,
I am able to endure the change.
I am able to make it on my own,
Lost in time everything felt fine.
Lost in time nothing negative ever penetrated my mind,
While I live my life of success.
You live your life depressed,
I see myself Free.
To you I am something that will never be,
To you I am Lost.
But no matter what you say,
I’m going to live life lost in happiness.

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