November 12, 2008
By Robert Garza, Laredo, TX

Lost in time,
I always felt fine.
Out of the way,
I was allowed to live another day.
Free from your insult,
Free from your crime.
Nothing negative would penetrate my mind,
I was lost in Time.
Lost and alone,
I heard all your warning.
I heard all your screams,
Still I don’t regret that day.
I listened to my heart,
The day that I choose our depart.
The fighting every night,
The screaming that lead to uncontrollable fright.
No longer,
No more.
I will refuse with all my might,
Its time I find who I am.
Its time I become me,
I am able to endure the change.
I am able to make it on my own,
Lost in time everything felt fine.
Lost in time nothing negative ever penetrated my mind,
While I live my life of success.
You live your life depressed,
I see myself Free.
To you I am something that will never be,
To you I am Lost.
But no matter what you say,
I’m going to live life lost in happiness.

The author's comments:
This piece shows how an individual’s life might be viewed by different vantage points. From one point of view an individual’s life might be uncivilized and depressing while in reality the uncivilized are just trying to survive and in doing so they have learned how to obtain happiness from the simple things in life.

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