Bloody Kiss

Cold Marble arms wrap around me, protective of its prize.
You hold me close and lift my face, to stare into your eyes.

Bloodless lips twist into a smile, sending shivers up my spine.
Pearly daggers glint in the dark as you whisper simply, "Mine."

You bare your fangs and bare my neck, smiling that chesshire cat grin, as I await to pulled into a world of eternal damnation and sin.

The pain is sharp abd powerful, quickly numbs away.
As a single tear runs down my cheek, my humanity is what I pay.

The light is gone, forever lost, to a world from which I am banned.
Because of this, you bloody kiss, I am now one of The Damned.

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KarlaGC said...
Nov. 20, 2008 at 4:50 am
It was a amazing, very narrativeish
like it told a story about the pain the one being bitten is feeling. Very intense emotion,and nice rhyming. :)
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