Several Poems

November 12, 2008
By Keaton Pope, Colorado Springs, CO


Her beauty's fading
Away into
Pointless make up
The scars still show

The bruises yelling
Through light purple lines
The cuts scream
Through thin soft silk

Her beauty's fading
Away into
Pointless cover-ups
The pain remains

The secrets hide
Under whispered impurities


The cars soar by
Mindless people
Mindless worries
Tar on tar
Screaming down a steam-filled street

An alarm yells out
It's monotone melody
Of warning
Ears catch the sound
No heads turn to inspect
Keep moving
Stay alive
Don't help
Don't die
Meaningless thoughts

Ignorance is a way of life
In the shadow
Of a former glory
Of a lost hope


The leaves rustle
Dead, yellow, crisp
The dirt shifts
Soft under shifting feet
The wind is a voice
Whispering, taunting

The creek babbles
Whispering on
About nothing, everything
Silence in a sea of noise
Screaming silence

The author's comments:
Although I am not a girl, I wrote "Fading" from a girl's point of view. It's all about my former 'cutting' problem. "Broken" is my way of imagining New York. In New York if you hear a cry for help, the average person wouldn't try and help. In New York alarms are a dime a dozen. No one pays attention to them either. It's like people are arrogant everywhere you go, not just in New York.

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