November 12, 2008
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I’m alone but with a smile,
Singing with you even though you’re no where near,
As streams come down my face I can’t help but feel your heartbeat in my dreams,
But as seasons wane and people change, I will be by your side until all things end.

And when the screaming begins,
And all your hope is dead,
I will hold you even when heaven breaks my wings,

So please take my hand,
So please just kiss me till death,
I’m on my knees and can’t see,

I need your love by my side,
I need you always in my life,
I need to see your smile again,

And when time takes me and I grow frail,
My eyes will fade and my life sings its last tale,
My feelings will never change,

Hand in hand we will see each other again,
Whether heaven is there or stars fall around us,
They all will remember the day when we let our love in our eyes,

As the skies rained with flower pedals, and the ground bloomed with
Grace again, I look into your eyes with all my faith
With no words to be said, I take your hand and cry one more time as I don’t
Know what to say anymore,

Will you take me in your arms?
Will you keep the faith in your heart?
Will you remember me forever or apart?

I feel the cold taking me, butterflies frozen and feelings numb, I’m never leaving you till my angels life ends…. I love you

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baron said...
Mar. 25, 2009 at 4:24 am
That is amazing dude. I hope you write more that realy helped me. I thank you and is anctious to read more.
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