Broken Hearted Days

November 12, 2008
By Robert Garza, Laredo, TX

The day you brought me to this world,
Everyone cheered and praised.
The day you became a mother,
Was the day you began to change.
The words you dreamed,
Became words you never said.
Slowly but surely
You began to change.
Days to nights and nights to days,
The passing time only added to your pain.
Countless times you’ve been alone,
Broken hearted you try to stand strong.
You began to wear disguises,
Countless faces without emotions.
Your world that you created,
Arguments and commands that could never be debated.
In your world you stood alone,
Broken hearted you began to crumble.
Times when Sickness and Death came your way,
Tragedy you endured began to scar my skin.
Countless nights of tears provoked by fright,
Yet another day with yet another fight.
Broken hearted,
I refused to be.
The heart that was pure and strong could only last for so long,
Still no matter what I’d do the cracks in my heart began to spread.
Emotions and voices began to scream,
In your head silence was a miracle.
Countless things you left unsaid,
Countless emotions you wished were dead.
Broken hearted,
That was you and slowly became me.
Blood and tears became a reoccurring thing,
Slowly but surely I began to dream.
The day when I would be able to fly,
The day that I could forgive and not ask why.
The days became nights and the nights became days,
The dreams I dreamed will someday become a reality.
The scar you left will heal,
Now that you’re not here to make me endure Your typical, Your perfect, Your sacred
Broken Hearted Days.

The author's comments:
This poem was written the day i was finally liberated from an abusive mother. This poem depicts the diffrent stages of life and mental instability my mother endured and how those things started to affect me.

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