November 12, 2008
when you look in the mirror
and you feel as though your dieing

but the olny thing you see
is a boy or girl cring

but as you look closer
you notice that its you

your in a dark room
but someones there too

its every reason you've ever cried
every reason youve been mad

and as you look into the mirror
you see your mother,sister,dad

as you look, you start to cry
your eyes cannot blink

your mind is focous on the mirror
you cant even think

what started as a little spark
turned into a wild fire

your rage started to build and biuld know your anger was your guider

you get so angry thet
your body was ablaze

your life is like a map
only your following a maze

the mirror startes to crack
you find your way through the maze

but what you find at the end
you only want to gaze

you find your reflection
a animal stands before you

and as you shead a tear
the reflections back to normal

the mirror shadders
leaving your reflection behind

you fall to the ground
as you,ve lost your mind

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