Cheer of Christmas

November 12, 2008
By Anne Marie Smit, Grand Rapids, MI

We skip our way down the slippery streets
As the jingle of the bells sound in the ear
The snow creating scenes with the trees
We excite at the thought of Christmas coming near

Anticipation and enthusiasm is spread from all sides
As loved friends and family are greeted and found
The night sky is falling under the pines
With red, green, and blue lights sparkling up the town

We smell the peppermint and freshly baked cookies
Smiles and giggles easily bringing life to the faces
Fingers madly touching the stuffed bears and candles
Oh, listen to the delight found in these places

Smell the delicious aroma rising off the steamed bread
The essence of red wine stirring in the air
Listen to the cling of the glasses together
Or the happy couple singing as a pair

As the clock strikes midnight with a loud tick
The populous shoppers start to scatter and leave
The jingles and exciting music remaining lively
As the ending of the last hour of Christmas Eve

The air is still, cool, and crisp
Music still playing with lasting spirit and cheer
Those who said it long ago still have it again
“Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”

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