Convoluted Casserole

November 12, 2008
The staggering age of twenty three
What a dreadful place to be
For inside
Thoughts of a five-year-old reside
Oh, the difficulty she experiences, talking with her hands
Becaues no one understands
Despite such harsh realities
She evades frustrating finalities
Composing masterpieces from every hue
Although, these are not the same colors as would be used by you
Music twining through disabilities
For music does that, has versatilities
Can shift behavior from immature to sage
Can break her out of her cage
I smile as I peek through the crack in the door
To watch her rip up the floor
With spastic flourishes and enthusiastic shrieks
These simple pleasures are all that she seeks
My convoluted Casserole, Cassie, Catherine
Not biological, but still my kin
Perhaps now you can surely see
How much my sister truly means to me

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