No Inch

November 12, 2008
There comes a day when evr'y man
Who lives under the burning sun
Will seek that which has long been gone
Into the ember colored west
He'll look among the cattle
And in the eyes of mares
He'll test the strength of boars
To find the youth he had but lost
The saddle will tear and wither with wear
And the mustang lag his trot
Creaking dirges of the life long gone
By the dust of the sweet memory
The fences will crack and break like a back
And no weeds will feed the heifer
The sun will set, burning all the more
And the moon won't show her face
Yes evr'y man will see then and now
How he built his life, good or bad
Where did it go? Where did it run?
By the strings of a mellow fire-lit guitar
I say once again and I ain't gonna' stop
No inch of dreaming will ever return
That inch of blazing dawn or rusty dusk

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