Taken to Soon

November 12, 2008
The night of prom and everyone is ready
Hair done up and tie on straight
The girls are looking sexy
The guys are looking nice
Into the car they go
Mothers and fathers waving goodbye
The boy pulls out a bottle and passes it a around
They all take a drink
Laughing and having a good time
Faster they yell as they began to pick up speed
The roads were wet and rain was coming down
But they did not seem to care
He took the turn to sharp
And that was when hell began to start
Metal twisting people screaming
The car flipping through the air
The driver thrown through the windshield
The passenger hurled out the door
The car comes to a stop
Fifty feet away
No one is left, everything destroyed
They were just some teenage kids out to have a good time
Whose life was ended so soon
When they decided to drink and drive

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