The Man and the Door

November 12, 2008
By Jonathan Maruthelil, New City, NY

The Man and the Door

There once lived a man who followed a door all his life. He knew that this door was his future. The only problem was that he did not know what his future was like, and worse he could never catch the door. No matter how fast he ran and how hard he tried the door was always out of reach. Still he would not give up, he devoted his whole life trying to catch that door; spending weeks at time thinking about what was behind to open the door. Soon work and family became a blur in his mind. He neglected his life and everyone around it just to open a door. Then one day when he was old and frail he caught up to the door, and laughed with joy, knowing his dream had been fulfilled. But, as he started to turn the knob, he turned around and, gasped as saw what lay behind.

Everything in his life that had happened, the good and the bad was laid before him. All those events were there but he was not in any of them. He tried to turn around, tried to experience what he had missed but realized he could not. All of a sudden, the door opened in front of him all by itself. With a last look of regret, the old man turned and walked through the door.

A door that led into a future that had just ended.

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