Is There Peace

November 11, 2008
By Jennifer Mckee, Newland, NC

Is there peace
Behind the wars
The fights
The murders
And the deaths

Is there peace
Between the lies
The breakups
The heartaches
And the depression

Is there peace
For the people
No war
No fights
No murders

Is there peace
For the people who care
For the weak
The homeless
The sick
And the poor

Is there peace
For the solders
Who fight for our country
Defending what is rightfully ours

Is there peace
For the children
That play in the sand
That believes in imaginary friends
And pretends just to have fun

Is there peace
For the broken
The crippled
And the disabled
Is there peace
For everyone around
To forgive and forget
All the mistakes we have made
As we learn not to make the same mistake again

Is there peace in this world that we live in
Where people can get along
Where people share
With no discrimination

Will people ever learn
To be civilized
To have peace in this world
When will there be peace?

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