Take It Slow

November 11, 2008
By devon delaney, Bellingham, WA

I take it slow because you have me feeling like I never have. Worst part is your not even trying.

I take it slow because I had my chance, more than once, and I let you go. Looking back at it though, I still don't know why I did, so now its time to take it slow.

I take it slow because regret fills my heart like that of the last words to my slain brother, not I love you or I don't want you to go, it's something I can't even remember, but it reminds me to take it slow.

I take it slow because it's so refreshing without you… sometimes. I'm sick without you the rest. I can't go to fast because its said time heals wounds the best, so I got to keep it slow.

I take it slow when I'm searching for what I might not find, and honestly I don't know what it is. Gripping the blanket tight, it's the only thing I have now when I lay in bed at night, except for my thoughts.

I take it slow because you still think about me, if you say otherwise I know it's not true. I can only hope you dream about me, because I just can't sleep without you.

I take it slow because again I'm falling too fast and maybe this time I'll get a chance to stop and relax with you, and get my mind off it all. Then again maybe not and I'll continue to fall.

I take it slow because your quicksand and the more I struggle the faster I sink. I cant breath anymore and there's nowhere to go. I don't want that to happen so I just take it slow.

I take it slow because I want as long as I can have to take in your soft subtle glow. You say your there for me, but like a mirage in the dessert its all an unfortunate hallucination… for now.

I take it slow because I'm free now, no reason to be in a hurry. You tell me we'll see what happens, but to me the future is just too blurry to be content with a maybe, possibly, or a just wait I don't know. I wont set myself up for disappointment, so I just take it slow.

I take it slow because if I go to fast I crash against all the memories that litter my mind. The ones I tried to throw out but didn't decompose. It's too dangerous to go fast and zigzag, so now I take it slow.

I take it slow because there are too many triggers, and I cant stand to have them all pulled. Staring down the barrels that turn out to be your eyes. Once so inviting, but now cold, all I can do is take it slow.

I take it slow because I haven't been with you in so long, and I don't know how much longer I can go. Like a drug addict without his fixes it's obvious I'm still addicted and my heart races so fast, but I love the feeling.

I take it slow because I have time, back to the days when you were mine. And I want you to realize the time we can have together continues to die like a holocaust happening all over again but only to us. So I can try and wait for you to let him go, but until that happens, ill try and take it slow.

If regrets were water, my perception is still flooded from all the things I did wrong, all the things I would change but now I cant and I know. As much as I want to speed up this process, your happy, so for you I'll take it slow.

If beauty was cold you are the new fallen snow, my face lights up when I see you and when you go I get sad, but I cant let it show. Sometimes I can't help it and like a river the emotions flow, shine right through my eyes, but I still take it slow.

If wishes were love, I'd still only have one, but no matter how many I have id always wish for the same thing. You might have found it, and in a way it shows, but I still hope you haven't, because our love still has time to grow. If it starts to run wild we can always say no, but until that time comes we can keep going slow.

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