"My sweet Angel is gone" by: Amanda Alegria

November 11, 2008
By Amanda Alegria, Sun Valley, CA

On a beutiful sunny day my family was coming to visit from Arizona and suddenly they got in a car accident and they lost there sweet little angel who was 5 years old. Now everything is diffrent in are lives w/out her that is why i wrote these poems.

"Our Angel has left us"
why have you taken her away?
she belonged with us
why couldnt you let her stay?
we know we have to let her
but thank you for letting us see her grow.
As much as it hurts inside.
we promice to not cry all the time
we know that we can find her were ever she is
even if you are very far
God,please look out for her
she is too young to be alone this time
Take care of my princess with all your


The author's comments:
this piece means that my sweet angel loved everything in the world especially her family and friends

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