Push Away

November 11, 2008
By Rachel Storey, Orlando, FL

I don`t want to move
But I don`t want to stay
All I need is for you to push away
These drops don`t make sense
I don`t think you were ever mine,
in the first place
Your actions drip like poison
into my possession
The ripples you started have sent
Tsunami waves into my viewing
I`m so far away from you but
Not far enough and not close enough
at the same time
You make me think things that are wrong,
hurtful and harmful devasting to my light
to hers
to everyone
You could already be gone but
still what you took from us is tainted
And most of all,
as painful as this to admit
I still love you

The author's comments:
This is another piece about my father. I have a lot of emotion regarding him.

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