November 11, 2008
By Rachel Storey, Orlando, FL

I’m not the brightest
Crayon in the box
I spend a lot
Of time feeling lost
I’m extremely blunt
Because I’ve gotten used
You don’t remember me
As my color gets abused
I get shuffled around
Never having a permanent home
I pretend to be what I’m not
But my cover always gets blown
It seems to be okay though
Because you’re pretending too
Going along with life
Thinking everything is through
This isn’t the end
It is barely the start
I’ll soon take care of you
Even though you broke my heart
Changing your name doesn’t
Hide the ugliness you show
And buying new colors
Doesn’t change what I know
I’m different from you
And you’re different from me
We can’t come together
So I have to accept what I see.

The author's comments:
My father inspired me to write this poem.

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