Picking Up the Peaces

November 11, 2008
By Saniya Waghray, Basking Ridge, NJ

My life is perfect
So they say
I smile, I laugh,
Blowing it away
But I truly long to slash that mask
And leave the pieces trailing behind
But I’m too trapped now
All that’s left of me
Is what peeks through

When will you realize
That there’s a world behind my smiles
How could you know?
That behind my laugh reside my fears

Always measured up to just past my reach
Then when I don’t get the moon,
why isn’t it ok?
The stars can’t catch me
I slip right through
Their twinkling arms
I fall back down
And there’s only me
All Alone
To pick up the peaces

And just because I’m always smiling
doesn’t mean I’m never crying
I’m dancing with the weight of the world
No matter how weary I am
Nor how my feet ache
The world just keeps going
Around...and around...
I stand to watch, sometimes
Letting my mask drift until it’s almost gone
Until the world stops with me
Forcing my mask on again

No matter how much I break down inside
Outside you’d never know
Forcing a grin, faking a laugh,
You wouldn’t begin to guess
The pain I hide
So skillfully
Like a masterpiece of splendid art
With only one blemish
A blemish on the painting of my life

So now I stand, left alone
Waiting for someone

Someone to catch me
When I fall
Someone to hold me
When the tears rain down
Someone to reach with me
For the stars just beyond
Someone to help me
Help me pick up the peaces
Before I hit the ground

I think
That someone
Is me

The author's comments:
Your life is yours...and no one else can take that away. No one. So decide whether you are doing what you do for yourself, or for someone else, because if you do it to make someone else happy, you're leading your life without really leading it. So you decide. Will you be the one picking up the peaces? Or will you be the one who never has any peaces to pick up?

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leela said...
on Nov. 19 2008 at 3:00 pm
Great Poem Saniya. Will email to you too. Pinky Maasi.

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