i ahve alot of time

November 10, 2008
By jaypee robinson, Valdosta, GA

I am still young for now
Those are the years that really fun
I'm enjoying my time to be young
It won't be long 'til my teen years are gone

I am 16 going on to 17
By then i will almost be grown
Which leaves one year before I turn 18
I will miss my years as a teen

I will also miss my kid days
Now those days are gone
The kid inside will never go away
Eventually I will be seen in a new day

When I'm 18 I will be grown
I will grow up in a new light
When I'm 18 a grown, mature adult is shown
The lights in my day are still bright

I can continue to live happy
I will eventually move to bigger, better things
When I'm 21 I will be completely free
As for me I'll be waiting for the bell to ring

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